bunny jones



Do you have samples I can look at? Yes! I have many samples for your review. Keep in mind, I will not attempt to match your invitation font exactly.


How many extra envelopes do you need? A minimum of 10 extras to cover rewrites is much appreciated. Be sure to choose a high quality paper to prevent ink from bleeding and fiber-caused ink splats.


Is there a charge for color ink? No. There are many colors available on the market, although I cannot promise to match your invitation color exactly.


What do you need for the guest list? Please, no Excel spreadsheets. They’re time consuming and hard to follow. Print your guest list in address form, followed by how you would like the inner envelope to show.

    Address Example:                            Inner Envelope Example:

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jones                      Mr. and Mrs. Jones

    678 Eaglehead Road

    Phoenix, Arizona  54321


How do I get my list to you? The list can be delivered with the envelopes or it can be emailed to me. I’ll review it to be sure all addresses are complete.

Will you charge me for any rewrites? I write what I see. If it’s incorrect on the list, yes. If it’s my error, of course not.